Studio Luxe Greenville



Child Safety Policy

for safety reasons, insurance purposes, and the respect for other guests, children are not allowed in the salon unless they are accompanied and cared for by an additional adult. our salon is a place of relaxation. if we feel that a child is being disruptive or that they are taking away from another guests' EXPERIENCE, we will kindly ask that the child be REMOVEd from the salon. If removing the child forces any client to leave early from their scheduled appointment time, they will still be required to pay for the service in full.



Please arrive for your appointment at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. keep in mind that traffic on garlington road can be heavy during school pickup and drop off hours. Arriving early allows you the time to fill out the appropriate client form (new clients), and prepare for the service. All appointments have a specific time schedule and early arrival allows for a relaxed experience.



we understand that unforeseeable events occur in everyone's life. Events such as car problems, traffic, sickness, business meetings, and work events, are just a few reasons why one might consider cancelling an appointment.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. This gives the salon enough time to refill the time slot. If a client fails to cancel within 24 hours the client must pay 100% of the missed appointment. until missed appointment is paid for, the client will not be allowed to schedule a new appointment. 



We regret that late arrivals will not receive extension of scheduled appointments. In special cases, and when our schedule will allow, we may be able to accommodate a partial or full appointment. This will be at our discretion and only with proper, advanced notification of your late arrival. If late arrival is inevitable, your service(s) may be shortened when possible in order to keep on schedule. The original treatment time may be charged at our discretion. In some instances the appointment may need to be rescheduled to a different day and time. if you are running behind, please call the studio or your artist to let them know so we can plan accordingly.



clients who miss an appointment without rescheduling or calling to give a heads up are considered a no show. those who fail to show for appointments may be asked to pre-pay for future services. if you do not let us know that you cannot make your appointment or fail to reschedule within the 24 hour time frame, you will be charged 100% amount of missed appointment cost.