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Frequently asked questions


Sunless spray tanning has come a long way since it began decades ago. People who either can’t tan naturally, or choose not to tan for a variety of reasons, still want to have glowing tan skin. Whether they want to look good for an upcoming event, or just to cheer themselves up, a sunless spray tan can give a perfect, flawless, natural-looking tan…INSTANTLY!

  1. How does the D.H.A. solution make your skin tan?

    The D.H.A. solution causes the proteins in the outside layer of your skin to react with the oxygen in the air resulting in a bronzing effect. The best way to understand this can be illustrated in this analogy: When you take a bite out of an apple and set it down the fruit begins to turn brown after it is exposed to the air for a while. This is a very similar chemical reaction to what takes place with the D.H.A. and your skin after a session. So you can see that you are not applying a dye or color to your skin but rather creating a situation where your skin develops a beautiful natural bronze color on it’s own through a natural chemical enhancement. The sunless solution uses an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to react with the skins amino acids.

  2. What kind of results can I expect?

    The color is very natural-looking. most of our customer’s friends think they went on vacation, not got a spray tan. If you currently have fair skin, your color will be light and natural-looking. If you are already tan, you will get dramatically darker. The darker you are coming in, the darker your spray tan will be. We have the ability to make your color lighter or darker, depending on your preference. Please consult with your artist on the right color option for you.

  3. How “instant” is the tan?

    As we are custom spraying you, we are also applying a cosmetic bronzer. This bronzer helps us, as technicians, see where we’ve sprayed you and to ensure even color. The bronzer also helps to give you some instant color. The real sunless process, however, takes up to 8 hours to develop, so while you will leave our salon with some color, the real color will develop darker as time goes on.

  4. How long will this last?

    This really depends on several factors. The sunless tanning process only affects the epidermis layer of skin. Since cells are constantly being naturally discarded it is recommended that you exfoliate with some type of scrub before you have the DHA solution applied. Just like with a UV generated tan, using a good moisturizer will prolong the life of your tan. Results can still be seen up to 10 days after application with a good tan extending lotion but average life is 5-7 days.

    5. What do I wear during AND AFTER the application process?

    you may wear little to no clothing at all when getting sprayed. For our custom airbrush clients, male customers do need wear briefs or boxer-briefs. Females can wear as little or as much clothing as you like. Keep in mind that whatever you do wear while getting sprayed, you will have tan lines in the shape of what you wear. For ladies who do not want tan lines, you may be sprayed in the nude if you like. At the least, we recommend ladies wear nothing on top (we’ve had several customers who wore a bra or swimsuit top come back and say they wish they hadn’t worn anything on top because of the tan lines they had). For bathing suit season, again, keep in mind that you will have tan lines if you wear bottoms – and those tan lines need to somehow hide underneath your suit. Keep this in mind as you plan what you want to wear (or not wear) while getting sprayed. Any garments worn while being sprayed will get stained. be sure to bring loose clothing to wear after you receive your spray tan. LOOSE Sandals are ALSO RECOMMENDED.

  5. How frequently do you recommend I get an airbrush TAN? Can I do it several days in a row?

    The frequency of sunless tanning application depends on your skin cell turn over and preference of color intensity. People with quick cell turn-overs may want to get sprayed once a week to keep color fresh, while others may need to wait and get sprayed every other week. It is important to fully exfoliate prior to your next sunless session to prevent “layering” of old color. our Airbrush solution does not require back-to-back application – 1 session will give you perfect color!